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CTCH averages between 13 and 14 boys and girls living in the two cottages on campus, with ages ranging from 5-17.

Each attend Travis County public schools with a goal of graduating and going on to college and vocational programs

Since May 2016, CTCH has had 10+ graduates that have gone on to several local universities, and independent living skills program in San Antonio and Austin area.

Kids Playing Soccer

The children play sports, including basketball, soccer, and volleyball, through school teams and YMCA leagues. Some participate in school ROTC programs, UIL Academics, Band, Choir, and various other activities.

Spiritually, all of the children are involved in many church activities throughout the area. Opportunities include attendance at Church, Leadership Training for Christ (or LTC), youth rallies, Bible Bowls, Camp Bandina and other summer camps.

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The Focus of Our Efforts



CTCH Alumni

I arrived at the Central Texas Children’s Home when I was twelve years old. I had been adopted when I was younger, but at twelve my adoptive mother didn’t feel she could handle some of my needs.

Mom needed an affordable place where I could live, get help with schoolwork, go on activities, and attend a Christian Church. Central Texas Children’s Home was the optimal choice.

I only lived at CTCH for about 4–5 months. Elroy and Vickey Lamkin were my House Parents at the time. I really liked them because they made me feel safe and cared for. They treated me like family. The Lamkins would include us in the activities they did with their own grandchildren. Church was important to the Lamkins so they took us with them. I liked the singing and the friendly people.

While at CTCH, I remember going to the movies, bargain shopping for clothes, playing kickball, and going to festivals. I remember that my House Parents tried to help me with schoolwork and other staff tried to help my mom be a better mother.

Now I’m grown and planning to move from Texas to New York. I have friends there and plan to start fresh.

I have fond memories of the Central Texas Children’s Home. I appreciate the Central Texas Children’s Home for their help at a time when my mother and I needed it.



Former House Parents

Charles and Shelly Goodnight were House Parents at CTCH for almost five years, from 2009 until 2014. They believe in teaching children about God by living in God. Charles was Church of Christ Minister for 38 years prior to becoming a House Parent, and the Goodnights have four adopted children of their own. Charles believes that to succeed as a House Parent, a couple should have both a strong marriage and a strong prayer life.

Highlights for Charles with the children included seeing those special moments when “the light bulb came on,” watching the children grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, and baptizing five children into Christ. Shelly has fond memories of a young shy girl at the home who had a very troubled mother. Over time this young lady was able to develop self-reliance and confidence, and eventually was able to bring healing and reconciliation to her mother, resulting in a joyful reunion. She recalls having special nicknames for the children, and she remains in contact with several to this day.

The Goodnights have fond memories of wonderful support from the community, which they were so thankful for. They would like to remind everyone how much it meant to the children to know that those in the surrounding area care about them.



Former House Parents

Raul and Judy Ferris served as House Parents at CTCH in 2014. Prior to that they served for 14 years as both House Parents and staff at the Medina Children’s Home in Medina, Texas.

Originally from Puerto Rico, as a young man Raul had a dream about two homeless little boys who were fishing for their dinner. This dream stayed with him, influencing the decision for Judy and him to become House Parents at CTCH. The dream became reality with two young boys at CTCH. Slowly and patiently he mentored these boys, making time for private reading lessons at 5am, taking them camping in west Texas, and always being there for them. With love and perseverance, he guided these children as they became successful young Christian men.

Judy recalls their time at CTCH as always revolving around food. She had an “open house” policy with her delicious meals, and whether it was hot pancakes in the morning or Carne Guisada for dinner, the smell of her kitchen always reminded the children that they had a home where they were loved. She recalls one particular girl who at first seemed almost impossible to reach, seemingly always angry and disrespectful. Through persistent love, compassion and kindness this girl slowly began participating in group events, and found the joy that was missing in her life. The Ferris family believe that choosing a career in Child Care is choosing to go into a mission field, where “the mission is in your backyard.” Always giving glory to God, they have learned that to “open your home is to open your heart.”

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